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Upcoming Two Weeks to Launch Dates

Interested in the Two Weeks to Launch Experience? The design dates listed below are currently available. Contact me to book your project in my calendar - I am only accepting one more client for 2018, but have provided a few timeline options to choose from in consideration of the holidays. If you’ve been wanting to start 2019 with a clean slate, now’s your chance!



Start on Monday, November 5 - Launch on Friday, november 16

Start on Monday, December 10 - Launch on Friday, December 21


Feeling flexible over the holidays? Awesome! Choose one of the dates below and enjoy a $150 holiday credit applied to your final project invoice.

Start Monday, Nov. 12 - Launch Friday, Nov. 30 (nov. 22nd & 23rd off)

Start Monday, dec. 10 - Launch Friday, dec. 28 (dec. 24th & 25th off)