Two Weeks to Launch: Designing Your Dream Brand in 14 Days Flat

When I first started teaching myself to design and build brands and websites two years ago, I often wondered what it was that made design such a time-consuming process. I'd find that a solid design can be created within a matter of hours or days, and yet the industry-standard turnaround time seemed to be anywhere from three to eight weeks. "Dang, that's so long!" I'd think to myself. "Am I missing something? Am I doing it wrong? Why wouldn't you just take on one project at a time and do it faster instead of juggling a bunch of projects and dragging them out?" And yet, as a new designer, I also sat there thinking, "What do I know?" At the time, I had only come across one designer who did it differently. As a new business, that wasn't enough to convince me to give the status quo the middle finger, so I went along with what everyone else was doing... and begrudgingly set my delivery timeline at three to six weeks. (Whomp whomp.)

The Two Weeks to Launch Experience allows clients to walk away with a finished brand aesthetic and website within two weeks.

But the longer and harder I worked to develop my skill, the more obvious it became that producing quality design, quite frankly, doesn't take that long (as in the 'six weeks to complete one project' kind of long), and the sole reason timelines are as long as they are is because we as designers are too busy juggling a bunch of projects at once. Kinda sad, isn't it? Kinda bass-ackwards, too, if you ask me. 

I think part of the reason I questioned this system from the start is because I've always been the type to prefer doing one thing at a time well than doing five things at a time mediocre-ly (let's pretend it's a word). Multitasking is NOT my jam, friends. And as I worked with my brand design clients, whom I adored, I couldn't shake this nagging feeling that I was underserving them. Deep down, I knew there was a way to give them my undivided attention and serve them better. I also knew that I could deliver their final product faster if I just broke free of the mold everyone else seems to be stuck in. 

Enter the Two Weeks to Launch brand design program. With this new approach, I'm able to give my brand design clients the one-on-one attention they deserve, and deliver their brand (and in some cases, website) in 12 days flat. So I guess, technically, less than two weeks. Boom, baby! How? Well, when you strip away all of the distractions -- i.e. time spent working on other projects + communicating with other clients -- it's honestly pretty dang easy. Instead of spreading myself thin across 4-8 clients at a time, I'm focused on you and only you. It's really just the art of rearranging: All distractions and barriers to communication caused by other projects and commitments disappear, and my only job is to deliver a brand or website that will draw your ideal clients like bees to a big ol' bowl of Honeysmacks.

I can't even begin to tell you the number of perks that come with embracing this approach. Not only do I get to build quality personal relationships with my clients, but the no-nonsense two-week timeline also keeps everyone and everything on track. How many rounds of edits do you get? As many as you're able to send me... In two weeks. When am I available to take on another project? In two weeks. When do you launch your shiny new brand? In two weeks (eek!!). See what we've done there? Pretty awesome, I think.

Want to learn more about the Two Weeks to Launch brand design program? Check it out here:

How you can work with a designer to create your dream brand and website in 14 days.