On Surviving Slow Seasons in Business

I have a raw truth to share with you today.

Yesterday, for the first time since I started working for myself full-time, I panicked. The holiday season is my FAVORITE time of year, but for business owners it is often also the slowest. I left my job in September knowing full well that this would be the case, and worked strategically to make sure that I could carry myself through the winter months. I thought, "This will ease the stress. All of my bases are covered!"

But here's my first lesson about full-time entrepreneurship: It doesn't matter if you have three days or three months or three years worth of income saved up; If you care about your business, you are *always* going to worry about its growth, and your heart is *always* going to skip a beat when you sense that a slow season might be on the horizon. I think that feeling the stress and pressure to perform no matter what is actually probably a pretty normal experience for most creative entrepreneurs, but it feels isolating when no one else is talking about it. So here I am, talking about it! 

Instead of working from a place of worry, let's reframe the situation. Instead of looking at a slow season as a time of stress, let's look at it as an opportunity to revitalize our business. Here are three ways we can work on our businesses this winter:

  1. Finally get that email list series up and running. You know, the one you've been avoiding? Well, it's time. Plan it. Pick a day. Pour your coffee, and then pour your heart and soul into getting your email list back on track. We both know it can be done, so channel your inner Nike and just do it already!

  2. Upgrade or streamline your client experience. Are there any parts of your client experience that don't feel quite right? Maybe you've always battled a nagging thought that your proposal isn't quite as pretty as you'd like it to be. Or that your onboarding process feels a bit clunky. Or that you should really, really have an offboarding process too. Well, guess what?! You can use this slow time to fix these things. Not only will they improve your client experience, but they'll also improve the confidence you have in your brand.

  3. Create a slow-season marketing strategy. Maybe it's finally time to create that freebie and implement an advertising campaign on Facebook. Or, if you REALLY want to do yourself a solid, block out a few days on your calendar and spend them planning your content strategy for the next six months. You will have NO REGRETS.

And here's one more, for good measure: Remember that slow seasons are just that: Seasons. They come and they go, and they won't be here forever. Let's work on not only accepting them, but also embracing them! Enjoy the slow mornings sipping coffee and the slow days pouring your heart back into your baby business. You'll miss them when they pass. 

Peace, love & puppy hugs,


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How to survive slow seasons in a creative business
Jessica Strohm