On Taking Risks in Spite of Fear

I get it; It's easy to lose sight of the big picture. But have you ever just looked back on your life with wonder over the many ways it's changed in just a few short years? Five years ago when I graduated college, I was working full-time and barely making ends meet on a low-income salary. Today, I work when I want to, where I want to, and how I want to, and I'm able to help my husband transform our house into a home for our someday-family.

2014 was my biggest year of growth and change. I had just graduated college, and real life decided to take me on a wild ride. I purchased my dream car (all by myself!), and then lost my first adult job when the company I worked for dissolved unexpectedly. Then I got a new job (🎉) and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with a rare, chronic and excruciating form of endometriosis. This caused me a lot of anxiety, which caused me to eat my feelings, which in turn caused me to gain 30 pounds. ðŸ˜¶ Later that year, I closed the book on a long-term relationship, and two weeks after that, I was t-boned on a highway and totaled my car. I moved in with my parents for the first time since high school feeling battered, bruised, and unsure of myself. But I was sure of this: Life carries you through seasons, and seasons always change. ðŸƒ

A couple of weeks after I had moved in with my parents, I received a call from an old friend and former employer. She asked if I’d be willing to move to Portland to work for her. I'd never considered living in Portland, but at that point, I wasn't exactly in a position to pick and choose! I packed my life and my furry partner in crime into my dad’s truck, and he drove me up to Portland to start a new chapter. In the last three years, I’ve created a life here that I never imagined, filled with joy, prosperity, love, and opportunity. âœ¨

And it's all because I found the courage to take risks: I risked heartbreak by ending a long-term relationship to allow myself room for growth. I risked unfamiliarity by moving to a new city to chase new opportunities. I risked heartbreak again by saying 'yes' to love with my now-husband. I risked uncertainty by quitting my day job to pursue my daydream. I got comfortable with the uncomfortable, and I've since realized that every amazing thing that's come out of my life thus far has been a direct result of a willingness to be uncomfortable.

All of this to say: If you're walking a dark, scary or uncertain path right now, just remember that everything comes and goes with the passage of time. Even the most difficult chapters eventually come to a close. And the sunshine will always be there on the other side of adversity, waiting to reward you for dancing in the rain. â˜€ï¸

Like Billy Cox once said, life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone. ðŸŒ±

Peace, love & puppy hugs,