Portfolio Case Study: Mystical Fox Studio

Brand Identity & Squarespace Design

Phase I: Brand Design

Mystical Fox is a handmade jewelry studio in Portland, Oregon owned by Ann Heidloff. When Ann first began to dream of creating a true brand for her business, she knew she needed to find a way to incorporate the two things that inspire her most: the mystical and metaphysical healing powers of crystals, and her favorite animal, the fox.

As always, my first order of business with new clients is to have them create an inspiration board on Pinterest! This allows me to identify patterns in their design taste that I'll later use to inform their design. In Ann's case, I noticed a tendency toward geometric shapes and vibrant yet minimalist design. And, of course, lots of whimsy! After an evaluation of Ann's brand discovery questionnaire and a careful review of her inspiration board, I was eager to get to work!

I started by creating a mood board to keep my vision in line with Ann's, which I would reference often throughout the design process. Next, I designed the primary artistic element of her logo design. I knew I wanted her icon to be a geometric fox head, and I thought it'd be fun to start the shape with the letter 'M," for Mystical Fox. If you look closely, you'll see that the 'frame' of the fox head icon is in fact an 'M!'

Once I was happy with the icon design, I set out to find a typeface that complemented the illustration. I settled on Gotham, a fan favorite, because of its subtle elegance and the way that the capital 'M' mimicked the same shape of the 'M' silhouette in the icon's design. This established continuity between the two design elements, marrying them together nicely.

Lastly, I finished the design with a galaxy texture overlay -- perhaps my favorite element of her design! This final step breathed a bit of whimsy and energy into the overall design, creating a one-of-a-kind, memorable logo and brand board for Mystical Fox that would guide the design of phase two: her website.


Phase II: Website Design & Copywriting

As you can see from the screen grabs below, Ann's jewelry is simply stunning. While it was important to ensure that the Mystical Fox branding remained consistent throughout the site, I knew that I didn't want Ann's website design to pull focus from her breathtaking gemstone jewelry and incredible workmanship.

For this reason, I opted for a minimalist site design that leaned on only 2-3 of the colors from her brand board. Since we decided to keep the design relatively simple, I knew I also wanted to find a way to give Ann's website a unique twist, and that's when Mystical Fox really came to life! As you'll see below, I illustrated several custom fox graphics to infuse the site with a little personality and playfulness. Aren't they cute?! 


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