Portfolio Case Study: Mimi Rose Co.

Brand Identity & Squarespace Design

Phase I: Brand Design

Mimi Rose Co. is a handmade premium planning stationery brand operating out of Montréal, Quebec owned by Mariya Andreeva. Mariya was a dream of a client, and she came to me looking to elevate her business with a rebrand and new website design. Originally the owner of a successful Etsy shop for planners called The StudyHolic, Mariya wanted to transition into offering premium planner stickers and stationery for the organized woman. She knew that in order for the transition to be successful, a new brand and website that spoke to her ideal customer would be essential! 

As is always the case, we started with her brand board after all of her pre-design homework had been completed. Mariya needed a brand that was feminine and refined, but still playful, youthful and bold. We decided that I'd design her logo using a custom freehand script inspired by another script font so that she could pair the two nicely on her website! 


Phase II: Website Design & Copywriting

For her elegant new website, we kept minimalism in mind, and enhanced the design with the CreativeMarket font Miyamma, as well as a few carefully selected and customized icons and some incredibly cool custom animation. I typically try to keep animation to a minimum since it can have a negative effect on a site's load time, but in Mariya's case the animated features were totally worth it -- make sure you take a look at the live site to experience its full effects!

To create a cohesive visual aesthetic, since she didn't have quality photography of her own, Mariya decided to invest in Haute Stock, a premium stock photo library for creative female entrepreneurs. Best money she ever spent, in my opinion! If you don't have custom photography for your brand and can afford the investment, I highly recommend it -- a membership is $99 quarterly, and can be canceled any time. You can continue to use any of the photos you downloaded during your membership, so this is a fantastic way to get beautiful photos for your website at very low cost. (Compared to hiring a brand photographer.)

As for copywriting, Mariya is actually a natural, and very little copyediting was needed for her website! The taglines on the homepage are all her own, and only a few of them throughout her site were written by me. Can you believe English isn't even her first language? Her copy blows me away! 

Be sure to take a tour of the live site to experience its amazing animated effects.

Psst… Want to Hear What Mariya Had to Say About Her Experience?

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Mariya’s Two Weeks to Launch Experience

How did you feel about your brand and/or website before working with me?

Before working with Jessica, my brand image was uncertain. I wasn’t sure in what direction I wanted to go and needed help rebranding my business.

What fears did you have, if any, before working with me?

I was afraid that I wouldn’t control the outcome. I tend to be a DIYer and do things myself. It was scary letting go for once and having something done by someone else.

I chose Jessica as the perfect designer for me because...

Jessica’s aesthethic immediately caught my eye. I also loved the idea of a two week launch and not having to wait for months going back and forth with a designer that handles multiple projects and clients at once. After exchanging a few e-mails with her, we immediately connected and found out we had so much in common. I knew I could trust her with my project and that she understood what I wanted and was going for.

How do you feel about your brand and/or website after working with me?

My brand image is so much clearer and more refined after working with Jessica. She helped me determine both a voice and a visual for my brand. She helped me elevate my business and really give it a distinc image. I was looking to go into a more high-end market and to distinguish myself from my comptetitors. Jessica helped me to all that and more.

What was your favorite part of the Two Weeks to Launch experience?

I loved how Jessica handled everything and guided me through the process. The entire process was worry-free, super fast and Jessica is great at figuring out my needs even when I wasn’t sure myself. Jessica is so much fun to work with and it was a great experience that I really enjoyed!

What do you want other prospective clients to know about my Two Weeks to Launch process?

They should know that Jessica is amazing at what she does. I am in love with every single one of her designs and I feel like she just has a sense for understanding what her clients want. Trust her, do what she asks and don’t hesitate to ask her for advice! Two Weeks to Launch is such a fast and easy process that will turn your brand around and bring it to the next level.

If you could change or improve one thing about the Two Weeks to Launch process, what would it be?

I’d do it again!

What was your favorite thing about working with me?

I really appreciate that you take the time to answer all my questions and discuss all my hesitations. I never felt like I was annoying you or pushing it too far. I overall really enjoyed working with you!

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