How to Write A Mission Statement That Doesn't Suck

I know… you’re cringing, right? A mission statement is that one thing that every budding business owner knows they should write, but avoids like the plague. I mean, it’s literally the most un-fun thing to write!

“Like, what even is a mission statement, really? And like, even if I knew what it was, I still have no idea where to even begin with writing one…”

How to write a missions statement for your business that doesn’t suck.

I hear you, girl. And I’ve got your back! Let’s start with the literal definition:

mis·sion state·ment


  1. a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

And then, let's break it down into bite-sized chunks:

  1. What does your business aim to do? Think about what your business will deliver to or share with the world. For your mission statement, it’s better to think big-picture; no need to itemize everything you sell and do in this section - instead, try to think of a way to summarize your bottom line.) Does your business...

    1. Sell products? If so, what products? What purpose do they serve?

    2. Sell services? If so, what services? What purpose do they serve?

  2. What are your business’s top three core values? These are your principles and standards of behavior; Your judgment of what is MOST important to your business and its impact on others. (NOTE: This blog post is actually an excerpt from my latest free workbook, Five Questions to Answer Before Branding Your Business. You can grab the workbook -- AND a comprehensive list of values to consider -- here!)

  3. Now, let’s put these concepts together to form your mission statement:

Use your notes from steps 1 & 2 to formulate your mission statement. Remember, people don’t just care what you do, they care why you do it -- so make sure your statement packs a big punch and covers your what AND your why, along with your values.

Need to see an example? Here’s mine:

“I aim to empower small businesses by creating unparalleled brand identities for creative entrepreneurs, serving always with passion, imagination and most of all, integrity.”

Let’s dissect it, shall we?

What do I do? → I create unparalleled brand identities for creative entrepreneurs.

Why do I do it? → Because I am passionate about using my imagination to create  brand identities that empower others to succeed!

See what I did there? Your turn! Take a stab at writing your own mission statement and post it in the comments section to get input from other creatives (and me)! And, as always, if you found this post helpful, please leave a quick 'tap' on the heart button below! It's always a huge help to me to know what kind of content you love seeing from me. 

Peace, love & puppy hugs, 


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