Portfolio Case Study: Bluegrass Wedding Barn

Brand Identity & Squarespace Design

Phase I: Brand Design

When Janna came to me looking for help with her brand and website, she felt that BWB's old branding and website didn't even resemble the successful business it had grown into. Bluegrass Wedding Barn is a premier wedding venue in the Kentucky bluegrass region. Situated on 76 acres of rolling hills, BWB is the centerpiece of an exclusive Kentucky horse farm. With their amazing all-inclusive approach to wedding planning & design, Bluegrass Wedding Barn is in a league of their own when it comes to serving their clients! 

When I finally got a chance to peek at Janna's inspiration board, it was clear to me that she gravitated toward elegant, feminine designs -- a very appropriate direction for their elegant, luxurious venue! After exploring a few different design directions, I ultimately decided that a highly professional, type-based logo would be most appropriate for BWB. I chose to work with the font Alegreya, an often-overlooked gem of a Serif, to create the high-quality aesthetic we were after.

To dress up the BWB brand with a unique twist and cater to Janna's taste for fine, elegant details, I opted to also hand-draw a number of fine-lined illustrations to be used throughout their branding. The leading illustration, to be threaded throughout the BWB logomarks, was naturally a flowering Kentucky bluegrass laurel! And, for a personalized touch, the other illustrations shown below represent small details from the venue itself -- right down to their bistro set and ceremony arch.


Phase II: Website Design & Copywriting

For the new BWB website, we kept minimalism in mind, and started with Squarespace's Maple template -- a favorite of Janna's. We enhanced the design with the CreativeMarket font Maison De Fleur as well as a variety of custom icons and graphicsbut leaned heavily on the stunning venue photography Janna had on-hand. For the BWB site, showcasing her beautiful venue photos was of the utmost importance; As you will see, the venue is more than capable of speaking for itself, and we needed to make sure we let it do just that!

As for the BWB website's site content, Janna and I worked together to finesse and streamline her copy to ensure that it was presented in a way that made sense and also resonated with her ideal client. In addition to the strategic call-to-action buttons dropped throughout the site on various pages, I think my favorite part of her copy ended up being the little periwinkle-bordered card overlays on her banner images. They say so much in so few words, which just goes to show you that less is often more!

Be sure to take a tour of the live site for the full experience.

Psst… Want to hear what Janna thought of the Two Weeks to Launch Experience?

Scroll to the end to read her testimonial!


Janna's Story + Testimonial

How did you feel about your brand and/or website before working with Jessica?

Before working with Jessica, I felt like our brand and website didn't even resemble the business we had grown in to.

What fears did you have, if any, before hiring Jessica?

I was afraid that it would be difficult to accurately relay our vision to a designer, and that the process would require way too much time.

I chose Jessica as the perfect designer for me because...

She asked all the right questions, and took the time to get to know exactly what we needed. She was super responsive, efficient, and thorough. I loved the fact that I only had to commit to a two week time frame, instead of months of work required by other designers.

How do you feel about your brand and/or website after working with Jessica?

Now, I feel like our brand really represents who we are and the services we provide. I also feel empowered to be able to manage my site thanks to the training Jessica provides.

What was your favorite part of the Two Weeks to Launch Experience?

I loved that we had a completely new beautiful brand and website in just two weeks!

What do you want other prospective clients to know about my Two Weeks to Launch process?

They should know that you make the process so easy, and fun! New branding and website design does not have to be a scary, daunting process. Let Jessica do her magic! She goes above and beyond to even include fun surprises during the process.

If you could change or improve anything about the Two Weeks to Launch process, what would it be?

Not a thing!

What was your favorite thing about working with me?

I really appreciate that you were so patient with me during the whole process, as well as being completely accessible to answer all my questions. You were so pleasant to work with, and the love for what you do really shows through your creative design.

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